May 14, 2005

Men / Women

A little illustration of the differences between the sexes:

My nephew and his family live in the North Valley. His wife, who is just a generally wonderful gal, put herself through college doing hair. Though she has moved on to a different career now, she maintains her license and takes care of family and friends. I love to have her do my hair because she is good at it and very sweet. I also get to see the babies.

However, I always put it off (Mom does, too) because I have such a hard time finding her house. You see, I had gotten directions from my nephew and my brother-in-law. I'm sure those directions were technically correct, but they involved getting off the freeway at Bell, and then there was all sorts of convoluted twisting back and around and through neighborhoods to get to the house. I tried Mapquest and Yahoo Maps, both gave the Bell Rd directions. I always got lost.

This time, when I mentioned my trepidation, my niece-in-law (is that right?) told me to go the extra mile on the freeway to Union Hills, head west, then turn on their street, straight to their house. SIMPLE!

All this time I didn't realize how easy they were to find because I got directions from MEN.

BTW: great haircut, but she had to take off more than I would have liked since I waited so long. I was thinking it was pretty short but SG, who notices everything, said it hardly looked any different - guess she did a great job.

Posted by Vox at May 14, 2005 11:03 AM | general