January 17, 2005

TUNES - 11

In honor of this weeks inaugural festivities I decided to go with the 40's era swing for the Radio.Blog. Specifically the recordings that Jo Stafford made for VDisc.

Why those recordings? Because they were made at a time when the musicians union had put in place a ban on recording. The ban would go on for 2 years. However, in order to show support for the troops and in hopes of improving moral of the servicemen, the union allowed recordings to be made and sent to units around the world. That's right boys and girls, the entertainment industry put their greed and petty squabbles aside in the names of patriotism. Hmmm - novel concept these days.

Not the greatest fidelity on these discs, but a lot of heart. I love the WWII songs, especially I'll Be Seeing You - one of my favorite songs of all time. This version is not my favorite, but it is still nice.

And I Remember You which is very nicely done here.

UPDATE: You should definitely check out Lori's tuneage - she has the ultimate W Inauguration mix.

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