October 23, 2004

"Gets It"

OK, in the last post I kinda dissed the Bush/Cheney blog, and now I am linking it. So sue me - today they posted a letter from a woman whose brother is working in Iraq and it is definitely worth a read.

You see, my brother “gets it.” He understands the meaning of duty, honor and sacrifice. He understands that much is at stake right now. The September 11th terrorist attacks forever changed things. Chris understands that we can no longer afford to be unwilling to tackle difficult challenges, or to prefer hyper cautious political correctness over boldness. He understands that we can no longer afford to be ambivalent about protecting our country’s freedoms. He also understands that we not only need, but already have, a President who will make difficult and perhaps unpopular decisions, to do what is best for this Country rather than for his own political or personal gain. Terrorism is a real and serious issue which HAS to be dealt with.
Chris's team was killed last Thursday in the Green Zone, while Chris was home for a wedding. He could have stayed home but chose to go back, to finish his work, to honor "his fallen brothers—his heroes”, to help make a stronger, safer Iraq - to help make a stronger, safer world.

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