October 15, 2004

Great Speech

OK, so I am reading this chick's account of the Debate watching rally (where she lumps me in with "you other boobs who didn't go" I couldn't go, dammit, quit rubbing it in.) complete with visit by the First Family . Go check it out, she has pics.

She also mentioned that Chet was there - so I went right over to read what he had to say (not much, yet, more to come it's there now). While I was there I found this, PJ O'Rourke's vision of what Dubya should have said Wednesday night. Cracked. Me. Way. the. Hell. Up.

Here is one of the points, one that I have been trying to make. It should have special resonance for those of you in border states:

(4) Speaking of jobs, Senator, how come every illegal immigrant who wades the Rio is able to find one in about 10 minutes? Meanwhile, your Democratic core constituency has been unemployed for years. Are your supporters lazy, Senator Kerry? Or are they stupid?
His points on Iraq are priceless.

What are you waiting for? Go read it!

Posted by Vox at October 15, 2004 04:23 AM | politics

That's some funny stuff that Chet puts out there!

Posted by: yayaempress at October 15, 2004 07:11 AM