June 21, 2004

Heartless B****

So, I have this friend - really, really sweet guy...let's call him Jay.

So, when I met Jay he had been in a relationship with a women, let's call her Kay, for 15 years. She didn't want to get married, but they lived together for well over a decade. Well, sweet, unsuspecting guy that Jay was, he had no problem with her spending time with people from work, even having them at the house - even though it was almost always the same guy, um..let's call him Dan. So, one day, Kay announces she and Dan are in love and have been having a relationship for years - years So Jay found himself alone.

I thought that was a low point for him, but the latest tops it.

He has been seeing a lady for about 4 years now..um, Annie will work. He brought her to my house often, and she always seemed nice enough. She was having employment troubles so he was basically supporting her. So, last Friday she leaves a lovey little note that she is going to church and she'll see him soon.

And she is gone for the last three days! He is, understandably, in a panic since she never came home. He finally gets a hold of the church and asks if they've seen her and they say, get this,.....

"Yes, she was married here Friday night"


Apparently she's been seeing someone else and decided to marry him - and maybe thinks she can continue her relationship with Jay? Maybe she assumed he'd never find out and she could still have her cake?

Bad enough to be in an extra curricular relationship (no comments from the peanut gallery) but to get married?


Posted by Vox at June 21, 2004 12:58 PM | general

OH MY GOD... I so feel for this guy.

Posted by: rachel at June 21, 2004 01:02 PM


Jay needs to get a dog and walk around in Bermuda shorts and black socks like I do. That'll cure his women troubles.

Posted by: Michael at June 21, 2004 02:29 PM

Now that's a picture for your photo gallery.

Posted by: Vox at June 21, 2004 02:36 PM

That's HORRIBLE! I feel bad for Jay.

Posted by: Uptown Girl at June 21, 2004 11:08 PM

women are evil. nothing you can do about it.

Posted by: broken at June 23, 2004 12:50 AM