April 22, 2004

Great Show Coming Up

David Wilcox is in the Phoenix area again! See him Saturday, April 24th at the Cave Creek Coffee Company. They have a great little stage outside and a delicious menu.

David is my second favorite guitar player/singer/songwriter (here's the first) and his live shows are a fantastic experience. His songs run the gamut from the amusing like "Rule Number 1" and "Top of my Head", to the spiritual like "Show The Way" and "Hold It Up To The Light" - and everything in between.

If you have the time, and you're in the area - I highly recommend this show.

FYI: sort of a James Taylor kind of vibe, so you know what to expect.

UPDATE: Yes, I know he is left-leaning - crunchy granola folk music, what do you expect. His shows are still amazing and he has yet to lecture his audience or spout propaganda or other disinformation that I am aware of. People who arrive at different viewpoints I can handle - it's the loudmouthed idiots who can't/don't/won't think for themselves that I can't stomach.

Posted by Vox at April 22, 2004 04:26 PM | music