April 03, 2004


Those of you who haven't grasped the appeal of the desert need look no further than this. Dan has posted some fantastic photos of the Grand Canyon state - and the Grand Canyon.

Those of you who might be inspired to consider a move, remember it gets to be 115 120 130 degrees here in the summer. Yeah, that's it 130 degrees - if that's too much for you, stay where ya' are.

Posted by Vox at April 3, 2004 01:32 AM | Arizona

For those, especially Californians, who are tempted to move here and bring your liberal ideology with you, please read this warning.

Posted by: John Moore (Useful Fools) at April 3, 2004 11:22 AM

Yeah, what he said!

Posted by: Vox at April 3, 2004 12:16 PM