January 23, 2004

Cast Your Vote

Our only local radio station that actually plays jazz, KJZZ, has posted an online poll for Best Arizona Jazz Musicians. This looks very similar to the one conducted by AzJazz Magazine a few years back that Pete Pancrazi won (Jazz Guitar Player of the Year). He is nominated again in the Best Guitarist category, so if you agree with me about his talent, go cast your vote. It would be great to have a repeat win.

I'm not sure how they selected their nominees this time - they seem to have left off so many of the Valley's great players and included some questionable ones. Fortunately, there are enough good choices there to make the poll worth taking. And, no, you don't have to cast a vote in every category. If you don't know, just skip it.

Some suggestions:

  • Devon Bridgewater: trumpet, other
  • Pete Pancrazi: guitar
  • Young Sounds: Big Band
  • Andy Margolis Trio or Dave Henning Trio: New Group
  • Barb Catlin Trio: Trio (why was she not nominated in the piano category?)
  • Bryon Ruth: Tenor Sax (though, why no Steven Von Wald?)
  • Dwight Kilian: Bass
  • Todd Chuba: Drums

Posted by Vox at January 23, 2004 12:39 PM | music

Hey, KYOT play jazz, too!

Oh wait, that's right. You said "jazz," not "crap."

Posted by: Aaron G. at January 26, 2004 12:22 PM