September 19, 2003

Good Riddance

From ArcaMax News:

A New York City man will spend the next 11 to 33 years in prison for fabricating a son he claimed died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Prosecutors said 54-year-old Cyril Kendall, the father of 12, made up a 13th son, Wilfred, to con American Red Cross and other charities out of more than $160,000, the New York Post reports.

Kendall, who left court still saying he had lost a child, provided a dossier of misspelled, ungrammatical documents that appeared forged as his defense, plus four of his children testified that Wilfred did exist, but no genuine documents were presented.

"Mr. Kendall has exhibited a total disregard for society and a lack of moral value," said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel.

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