August 06, 2003

Two for Tuesday

OK, it's a bit late.....

1. Whose celebrity (famous person or persons) death really affected you?

  • So many, for so many reasons.

    If we stick to pure shock value, I think Rebecca Schaeffer because she was close to my age, I sort of admired her on "My Sister Sam", and she was murdered in cold blood by someone she didn't know (who came from my home state). It was very frightening.

    For sadness, I am moved anytime we lose one of the great old stars. The generation of celebrities who saw our nation through WWII. Right now, I would have to say Bob Hope - he was such an icon to me, and such a comfort to so many. Even though it has been a while since he performed, it was nice to know he was still here.

2. Reincarnation - to be? or not to be? Your thoughts on the afterworld....

  • I think, and hope, that when you die you are done. Though the idea of reincarnation is nice, it seems beyond possibility.

    Having lost some very special people in my life in the past few years, I sometimes think it would be nice if Oprah's saying were true - "When someone I love dies, I have a guardian angel who I know" or something like that. It's heartening to think they are watching most of the time, and embarrassing to think they might see when you trip over your own feet, or whatever. And, really, if there were an afterlife I don't imagine anyone I know would waste it stalking me

Two For Tuesday

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