June 29, 2003

It's Out There - 2

Live music - Saturday is another good example. Joan Armitrading at the Marquee Theater in Tempe.

The concert hall was just over half full, which translates (for those of you who may be math challenged) as almost half empty. This great singer/songwriter with over two decades worth of performing under her belt playing to half a house. Hard to believe. This crowd, like the Pete Pancrazi audience Friday, was amazingly appreciative & responsive. They got a fabulous show, she got several standing ovations, you missed a great evening.

Bonus ~ the opening act was Kim Richey, a singer/songwriter in the Shawn Colvin vein. Most of the audience had never heard of her, which is a shame. She's been around a while and has a few CD's out - all beautiful. She gained some new fans last night, without a doubt. The crowd to buy her CD's at intermission was mammoth ~ and her signing them and chatting couldn't have hurt. I didn't have her new one, so I bought it and got it signed. I've been listening to it all day, good investment.

Now the complaints:

  • the show started 30 minutes late
  • the bar had a nice selection of beers but their wine selection was lacking
  • I was supposed to meet a friend there and never found her
BTW: I already have the new Joan Armitrading release, as did all the people I talked to last night. Of course I love it.

I am a glutton for music

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