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A Rosie Day

Posted on | August 21, 2010 | 1 Comment

We had a small turnout at Rosie McCaffrey’s today and, though some of the cool kids were missing, we had a great time. One thing that was clearly reinforced: even in something as simple as a GOP primary, conservatives do not walk in lockstep. The opinions were varied and passionate. So much for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

For instance, in the Senate race, there were some who hate Hayworth so much they are voting for McCain by default, and some who hate McCain so much they are voting for Hayworth by default. (We did all agree that Deakin is more or less just a gnat in that race)

Rosie’s was very accommodating to our group and had the tables all set up for us ahead of time. Very nice touch. They had asked when I made the reservation whether the group would want one ticket or separate checks, which was great – unfortunately, I forget to remind our waitress. The beer selection was a big hit, and the only complaint I heard regarding the food was a crack that the fish & chips should come in a newspaper cone LOL

Oh, and bonus points for the red-headed waitress.

Next month’s meetup is still in the planning stages – should be the 18th in the East valley. We already have a guest suggestion, more details to follow.


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